How would you counter this objection? 

Do Say

  • I agree we are not the low-price leader. Are you looking for a company that can offer you only the lowest price possible, or are service and quality a concern?
  • Many of my clients said the same thing until we took a closer look at what features and benefits they were getting compared to what I’m offering. Can we go through the benefits of each and discover what features are best for your business?

Don’t Say

  • Well, duh. Of course, we are. Don’t you want to get the best bang for your buck? I mean, who am I competing with anyway? … Oh, them. Well, they really suck, and rumors have it they are heading into big financial problems.
  • I don’t like to spread rumors, but I heard that the vendor you’re using is under a government investigation. Don’t you think switching now is a good idea? I do! Here’s a pen. Just sign right here.


Imagine you are the prospect and you asked a salesperson this question. Why would you ask it? Place yourself in his or her shoes and think about what’s going on. People buy products all the time that cost more money than others. I know I do.

So the prospect is saying, “Hey, I don’t see the cost value, and my need for the product isn’t motivating me enough to buy from you.” Find out first from your prospects how the product will help them do something better or faster. Then use what they said when they ask this classic objection.

People buy from people they like. So use exceptional relationship skills to tip the decision scale your way. Tell the prospect, “Yes, you’re right. We do charge more money, and here is why …” Approach the client like a consultant problem solver. You’ll find it easier to fire back a reply if you and the prospect are both interviewing each other to see if there is a good reason to do business together.

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