I was doing a refresh training for a company and thought I would share this message with you. Many people in the sales industry have a tendency to lose focus on why they are selling and get lost sometimes. I know I have. If your in sales you need to know what it is your selling and why, as well as being prepared when going into a meeting. Its hard to sell, or be in sales if you don’t know what you selling or why your selling it. You will quickly lose Confidence and will get frustrated easily when your performance isn’t there, as well as the results your getting. In this video I share a simple story of when I was younger taking a group of kids from church to Colorado on a backpacking trip. On the way back one of the trucks in the back that luckily had no kids but two adults, the driver had fallen asleep and veered off the road. After driving through an open snow covered plain, and hitting a few bumps. The driver woke up and got back on course. Nobody was hurt but I find it similar in the sales world where we sometimes veer off course and have to make our way back on the road.