Effective Counters Will Grow Your Sales Income

Sales professionals make their living convincing buyers to convince themselves they need a product or service. The sky is the limit on income potential (not to mention the freedom we experience being out and about and not sitting behind a desk all day). However, not every month is a great month for sales and commissions. This means that with just about every deal, you will encounter people who just say no or maybe.

You need to answer customer objections effectively in order to turn nos and maybes into more yeses to ensure your future income.

This book will help you overcome the most common sales objections I’ve seen. Sales objections are part of your selling success. And since selling success is your goal, choose to be exceptional at answering buyer objections. Answering objections is something you learn to love because your financial income depends on your ability to navigate quickly through them. Developing the ability to respond quickly to objections will help you stabilize and grow your income.

There are millions of salespeople on the streets right now trying to sell their goods and services. There are millions of phone calls being placed right now in hopes of getting an appointment or moving a deal forward toward a decision. Keep this in mind while making your own sales calls. Prospects, buyers, and gatekeepers have their own work to get done, and unless you have a compelling reason to meet with them, they will object to your request.

Every stage of the sales process is filled with objections from the prospect or current customer. When you get a prospect on the phone and ask for a meeting, you’d better anticipate objections. When you ask for an order to close a deal, you’d better anticipate objections—for example, when you’re networking at an event, trying to get the decision maker to meet with you. You’d better anticipate and expect objections.

If you are in a business-to-business sales role, including retention sales, inside or outside, account management, consultative, transaction commodity, or value selling, the 32 Sales Objections Easily Countered book will help you increase your sales income.

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