-Making Prospecting Calls

Focus when making your prospecting calls; they are no less important than the closing- the-sale call. Pay much attention to the sound of your voice, your body language, and your words. You are asking for the business, after all.

Create excitement. Somewhere in the pool of leads are your sales. Be excited about making cold calls and talking to new people. The excitement will come across the phone to the decision-makers you speak to and it can be a magnet. Don’t ever make prospect calling seem like drudgery—that too can be heard over the phone in the tone of your voice. Organize yourself. If your company doesn’t provide a method of tracking your prospects, then develop one for yourself. Take notes on each call. Make a list or chart of your qualifying criteria and questions to ask the decision-maker. Keep track of how many calls you make, how many were qualified, and how many are solid call-backs or appointments.