Sales Objection #12 “Just send me literature.”

How would you counter this objection?

Do Say This:
• If you would like me to send literature to you, does that mean you are somewhat interested? Who else
would need to see a brochure?
• Sure, I will get some information out to you right away. Do you have an idea which product you would
like to review? And when I send the literature, would you be interested in meeting with me to review it?
• I could send you general information; however, we customize our services to meet your needs in order to help you get the best results. If you have a few minutes, I could show you a few things on our website. Are you interested?
• I can send you literature, but it’s usually best if I can meet with you as well. Is this something we can do?
• I would be happy to do that; however, may I first ask you a few questions so that the information I send will be pertinent to your needs?

Don’t Say This:
▪▪ Oh sure, you bet. You want me to go ahead and put it in the trash can for you too?

Stepp’s Tip: “Just send me literature.”
Literature is expensive to print and mail, so don’t send anything in the mail until you’re sure there is a real interest. In many cases, the literature you send will be dumped in the trash. If you do mail literature to prospects, be sure to follow up in a week or two. I like to follow up with, “What did you like best about the literature I sent you?” If they read it, they will have a good answer. If they didn’t read it, they will feel embarrassed. Try to get a commitment from prospects to review the information within a few days. Even better, go over the literature on the phone or schedule an appointment.

Remember—if you can’t get them back on the phone after you sent the literature, they most likely weren’t interested in the first place. You just wasted the cost of the literature, envelope, postage, and your own time.

Sales Objection #12 “Just send me literature.”

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