Sales Objection #11 “It’s not a priority to us.”

How would you counter this objection?

Do Say This:
• Thank you for telling me that. Are you saying it’s a priority later but just not right now?
• I understand it isn’t a priority now. But I’m curious whether you can fit me in sometime next week to see if I can determine if there’s a possible synergy between us. If I’m not able to, I’ll be the first to tell you and be on my way. Just twenty minutes is all it will take.
• I understand that my product or service is not a priority for your business. However, if I could show you a solution to streamline the day-to-day operations of your business into a more efficient and cost-effective design, would that be a priority?

Don’t Say This:
▪▪ Maybe you wouldn’t be working so late if saving time were a priority.
▪▪ I have called you once a day for six weeks. Didn’t your mama tell you it’s rude not to return a phone
call? Come on, give me a break!

Stepp’s Tip: “It’s not a priority to us.”
When prospects throw this objection at you, stop and put yourself in their shoes. “It’s not a priority” is another way of saying, “Your request isn’t at the top of my list, but it is on the list somewhere.” Your job is to help the client move this non-priority to a higher level. These counters from the field work well, so use them. Initiate questions quickly that get to the heart of the issue. When asking questions, remember to ask one and then wait for a response.

By the way, do you feel uncomfortable asking questions like “Are you telling me that employee loyalty to your organization is not a priority and that you don’t have your employees’ best interests in mind?” If this kind of question is difficult for you, consider getting out of the selling business. You may be more successful as an order taker. Why? Because selling is about, well, selling! And initiating tough questions helps prospects follow you to a solution or helps you quickly qualify them as a low probability. To be successful at answering prospect objections you need to be able to ask hard questions.

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