Sales Objection #10 “Call me on Monday to set up an appointment”

This is a common sales objection we hear in B2B sales.

So…how would you counter this objection?

Do Say This:
• I have some time on Tuesday afternoon to meet with you. What time is best for you?
• How about we set up a tentative time for Tuesday, and I’ll call to confirm on Monday?
• There’s a promotion that ends soon, and I would like you to get the full savings and extra benefits before it expires. How about we meet either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week?
• Great! I’ll call you on Monday. Let me get your e-mail address so I can send you confirmation for the appointment we set. I can see that you’re busy and will call next Monday.
• I would be happy to call you back or to set up an appointment at a later time, but as a fellow business owner, I understand that calendars fill up quickly. Why don’t we set up a tentative appointment now? Would Tuesday two weeks from now or Thursday two weeks from now be better for you? Nine in the morning or three in the afternoon?

Don’t Say This:
▪▪ Okay, well, I’m busy as well, but I’m not too busy to talk to you. So why don’t we just schedule it now for next Monday and be done with it, since we’re both busy people? I’m available at two. Can you make that time?

Stepp’s Tip: “Call me on Monday to set up an appointment.”
I like this objection because the prospect has opened the door to a possible meeting. When the prospect says, “Call me Monday,” make a note on your calendar and call again on Monday. When you speak to customers, remind them of the request that you were to call on Monday to schedule an appointment. This almost always ensures an appointment. Always be direct and up front about why you are calling. Avoid trying to sound like a long-lost friend. Prospects can tell when you’re using a sales technique to get the appointment. Just be honest, direct, to the point, persistent, and polite. Do this, and you will eventually have more appointments than you know what to do with.

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