Sales Objection #8 “I’m too busy.” How Would You Reply?

How would you counter this objection?

Do Say:
• I can respect that this isn’t a convenient time. I honestly feel that if given fifteen minutes of your
time, I can show you there is good synergy between our companies. My main goal is to show you how we can improve revenues and customer acquisition. I will be in your area next Thursday and Friday. Will
either of those days work for you?
• Thank you. In light of your schedule, I understand how busy you are. Is there a better time? I’ve spent a
lot of time reviewing your account, so we can review it quickly and make appropriate changes based on your business requirements. Can I meet with you later today or tomorrow morning?

Don’t Say:
▪▪ Are you too busy to save your company money? Sounds lazy to me. I’m sure you would
jump at the opportunity to save money on your personal budget, so why not your business’ as well? What is two minutes of listening if it saves you twenty dollars a week? That’s $960 a year. Besides, when you show the boss how much money you saved the company, there is more money available for your raise.
▪▪ Get over yourself. Everyone is busy! How am I supposed to help you if you tell me you’re too busy? Slow down, take time to smell the roses, and meet with me so I can save you money. You do want to
save money, don’t you?

Stepp’s Tip: “I’m too busy.”
Don’t be too pushy here. Believe them when they say, “I’m too busy.” For prospects you want to do business with in the future, do the following:
• Be kind.
• Be sensitive.
• Ask if tomorrow would be better.
• Tell them you understand, and give them a good
reason to see you at another time.
• Be consistent.
• Be diligent.
• Be kind … Did I say that already? Always be kind
and polite.

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Here is Objection #8 out of 32 from my book 32 Objections Easily Countered book.

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