“I am not interested because we are moving.” Sales Objection #7

How would you counter this sales objection?

Do Say:
• Really? That’s wonderful! This is a good opportunity for you to make preparations to meet your product (or service) needs before you move. Once we review your needs, I can begin the process on my end to ensure that we meet your time requirements. The timing couldn’t be better. Wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t Say:
▪▪ Where are you moving to? Texas? Who would want to move there? That’s just my opinion. Hmmm, I guess we won’t be doing any more business, then. I don’t service Texas.

Stepp’s Tip: “We’re moving.”
When the prospect says, “We are moving,” you want to sound excited about the move and ask where. When is the move date? What is the reason for the move? Are they growing? Are they consolidating locations? You may find they are in the perfect position to need your products or services. Also pay attention to who may be moving into their space. This also could turn into a potential sale.

Be helpful as well. You may not be able to service them, but you may know someone you could refer them to. How will you know if they are bluffing? If they’re truly moving, they will answer your questions. If it’s a smoke screen, they will skirt, dodge, and avoid the issue. At least then you’ll know they’re bluffing, and you can move on to better opportunities.

Objection #7 “We’re moving.” page 54 in 32 Sales Objections Easily Countered Book

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