“Everyone is offering the same rate.”

This is a common objection I hear often. You will need to diffuse this thought and re-position quickly. Start your first statement with something like

“I know…that’s why I am here!”

This simple statement will diffuse the buyer and give you time to show empathy (not sympathy) and re-position and confirm your value.

Do Say:
• I know…That’s why I am calling. This is a very competitive industry, and therefore it may seem that way. I would like to explain the differences between my company and my competitor’s company and see if we can find a fit that works best for your needs. Does that seem agreeable to you?
• Thank you for bring this up. I am curious … when selecting a vendor, what else besides price is most important? Based on what you said, if I can satisfy those needs, can we meet to review how using us is possibly the best option?
• Thank you for letting me know. Not everyone can offer the same level of reliability, service, and
support, so vendors can catch you off guard with price first. I’m curious how much you really know
about their product quality and service?

Don’t Say:
▪▪ Everywhere I go, I think my competitors are following me around talking to my clients and
offering them my prices. Well, you like me better, right? I mean, we’ve had a lot of lunches and ball
games together. Honestly, you’re my friend, right?

Stepp’s Tip: “Everyone is offering the same rate.”
I love this “same rate” sales objection. The prospect is basically asking me to give a reason to go with my company. If the rate is the same, are the service, product, company, delivery, and technology the same? This is the perfect time to tell the prospect why your company is the best choice.

Another tip: start creating value before jumping to another discount. If you plan to discount the price, make sure you get a commitment from the prospect.

Ask the prospect, “If I can get you a better (value/price), will you do business with me?” If you don’t get a commitment from the prospect before you make an adjustment, you may be cheating yourself
out of a sale or a healthy profit margin. Why? Because the prospect will get you to make concessions and then call your competition and ask them the same thing. Be smart! Do not fall for this trap.

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