Sales Objections #5 “We just switched companies (or services).”

How would you counter this common objection?

“We just switched companies (or services).”

Do Say:
• How long ago was the switch? What was the main reason you selected this vendor? Can you share with me the area of responsibility they will take care of and your ROI expectation? We constantly enhance our business services, and I’d like to have the opportunity to bring you up to date on how we might be able to benefit you.
• Oh, I see. When did you switch? What was the reason for the switch? I am so sorry I wasn’t able to provide a proposal for that. Are you under contract? For how long? Would you be interested in looking at one of our other services that your current vendor doesn’t
provide? I really would hate to lose you as a customer.

Don’t Say:
▪▪ Oh, I am sorry you did that. You may not know this but you made a very bad decision. That company has had a big problem with taking people’s deposits and not delivering the product. I am sure you will be calling me back.

Stepp’s Tip: “We just switched companies (or services).”
This is a perfect time to find out why they switched. What happened that caused the prospect to switch vendors? Use this information to remind future prospects that they will avoid these issues when buying from you. Also, remember—if prospects are the type you’d like to do future business with in the future, be sure to follow up with them every sixty to ninety days.Stepp Stevens Sydnor

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