Sales Objection #4 “We are happy with our current vendor” 

How would you counter this objection?

Do Say:
• Great, may I ask you what they do that you’re happy with?
• I understand that these things are important to you. Do you think having a backup vendor would be helpful in the event your current supplier doesn’t come through?
• That’s great. Are you aware of the changes in the industry? New features? New benefits?
• Oh, thanks for telling me that. I’m here to show you a few new options that could help save you
time and maybe money, which your current vendor is missing.

Don’t Say:
▪▪ Hey, you would be happier with me too if you gave me a chance. Please, please, please give me a chance.
▪▪ Maybe you think you’re happy, but if I could see you this week, you will understand why many clients are switching to us. We are the best in this business. Don’t you want to get service from the best too?

Stepp’s Tip: “We are happy with our current vendor.”
If you’d like to have this client in the future, keep a tickler file and follow up at a later date. Try not to burn any bridges; keep the conversation light, and follow up often.

Remember—not all clients are completely happy with their current vendors. The good news is that most vendors eventually do something to disappoint their customers. Processes break down, and busy salespeople forget to follow up. Do not—and I mean do not—trash the other vendor. This could backfire on you. For example, you never know if the vendor is the prospect’s friend or family member. Win the business by creating and bringing value to the prospect.

Stepp Stevens Sydnor
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