Sales Objection #3 “We aren’t interested.” 

How would you counter this objection?

Do Say:

• I can understand you not being interested on the basis of a phone call. However, we’ve helped many companies like yours reduce costs and improve their market size. That’s the reason for getting together. I would like to introduce myself and learn more about you. I promise not to take much of your time. Can we meet for a few minutes? How is Tuesday at ten o’clock or Thursday at nine o’clock?

• Mr. Owner, I specialize in helping people in your position gain more market share using our product and service. I was just wondering if you would be interested in getting together for a few minutes to learn more about you and your business and to see if it makes sense to do business together.

Don’t Say:

▪▪You can be happy the day you sign with our competitor because of the price, or you can be happy today with the quality of our product (or service) when you sign with us. It’s your choice. But don’t blame me when things don’t work out.

▪▪Sure, you’re not interested. I mean, you don’t know me. You think I’m just a stupid salesperson. But you are interested in saving money, right? Hello? Are you there?

Stepp’s Tip: “We aren’t interested.”
If you don’t create interest with prospects, why would they want to waste their time meeting with you? Creating interest in meeting with you can be frustrating when you’re focused on what you want and not what the prospect wants. I’m sure you’ve had salespeople try to educate you on why you need to meet with them, how great their product is, and how many clients are happy with their services; however, prospects don’t really care about you, your product, or your company.

They care about what you, your product, or your company can do for them. The rule for answering this objection is not to get the objection in the first place. Think about this: You are a small-business owner of a company that makes candles. As the owner, it’s all about gaining market share. You want to get more customers and keep them. You get a call from a salesperson, who asks you, “Mr. Owner, I am Stepp with ABC Company. We are the best in the industry, and we can help you make more candles.”

The point is, owners have heard this before, and you’re keeping them from doing something they feel is more important than listening to another sales pitch. They feel salespeople are annoying. However, if the salesperson said, “Mr. Owner, I specialize in helping people in your position
gain more market share using our product and service. I was wondering if you would be interested in …”

Now the owner is as interested as a toddler with his eye on the ice cream truck coming down the street.
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