Sales Objection #1 “I want to think it over.”

Do Say:
• I understand. You want to make the best decision. What do you feel you need to think about?
• I can see that. Tell me—is it money that concerns you?
• What questions have I not answered for you?
• What part of my proposal would you like to think over?
• Can you be honest with me? You said this won’t meet your needs. Am I missing something?

Don’t Say:
• Listen—really smart people can tell this is a good deal. And you did say you thought this solution would meet your needs. Didn’t you say that? Don’t lie to me now! I have met with six people today, and they all said the same thing as you. So unless you are just a big fat liar, I suggest you level with me.
• Mr. Customer, it’s the end of the month. If I don’t meet my quota by five today, my boss is going to be really mad, and I just may lose my job. I have nine kids all under the age of seven. Do you want me to lose my job? Let’s not think it over any more. Let’s say yes!
Stepp’s Tip: “I want to think it over.”
You need to be ready to answer this objection quickly; don’t blink or hesitate. Within seconds, you must fire back a reasonable-sounding reply. The prospect is giving you honest feedback, and the message you can interpret is “I am not sold on this idea, product, or service yet.” Objections are good. So see them as an opportunity to ask more questions. Try restating what the prospect just said, and then use one of the great responses provided. Practice your answer, and get comfortable with the prospect pushing back on you.

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