During my thirty-five years in the business of selling, I experienced almost every objection imaginable. I had to realize that buyers object to just about everything. And the more seasoned the buyers, the more intelligent their strategies.

I was clueless when I started in sales. Objections from potential buyers felt like personal attacks on my character. I found that getting a meeting was very easy and that most buyers would agree to meet with me. However, I wasn’t prepared for the buyer/seller politics and negotiation tactics used by buyers and prospects.

Through bad experiences and more losses than wins, I began to understand the importance of mastering sales techniques. And one skill set I needed the most was countering buyer objections.  It’s just the way the selling world works.

So, let’s review a few quick basics you need in order to be equipped to counter sales objections effectively.

You Need:

…to love selling. If you don’t, find something else to do with your life. If you don’t know what type of sales job will best fit your personality, e-mail me at stepp@steppsydnor.com, and I’ll help you discover it.

…to believe in yourself because confidence sells.

…to believe that your product or service provides a solution that helps your buyers.

…to be able to manage conflict in a way that doesn’t cause you to cry or to lose your cool.

…to be prepared and to be able to think fast on your feet.

…to learn an effective sales meeting process that looks professional and keeps you on track.

…to read everything you can on the art of selling.

…to be able to stand in front of a group of potential prospects and to present well. Find a Toastmasters group in your area and join.

…a lot of ambition and drive, which means you need a strong desire to win and to be the best you can be.

…a seasoned sales mentor to challenge how you think and give you tons of encouragement.

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