Make it safe for prospects and customers to tell you their concerns, and they will be open to your solutions.

Customers who do not trust your true motive will either sugarcoat their response or just pretend they’re interested. They may also get aggressive and fully enter an arm-wrestling match—or shut down and simply walk away.

Getting an objection from a potential customer is not a bad thing. You want to identify key objections as early as possible. Not all prospects will open their purse and hand you their money without raising some concerns.

However, when a prospect or client offers up an objection …

…..See the problem from their perspective first. Don’t assume you see it from their side and finish their sentence. Don’t try to prove them wrong or make them feel like their opinion isn’t important

…..As the salesperson, expect some pushback and be ready to give an answer quickly, confidently, and politely.

Salespeople who feel they need to arm wrestle prospects simply are not selling. They are pushing potential clients away. Stop and see the world from the prospect’s viewpoint, and you will create an atmosphere of trust and respect.

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