SteppUp Negotiations Skills

How to Effectively Negotiate and Avoid Discounting

Course Overview

The purpose of this training is to build confidence in sales professionals in order to close more sales without sacrificing profits. This course will improve a salespersons closing opportunities by revealing the key information needed before a proposal is created and presented.  You will understand the fundamentals on how to negotiate for an outcome that is favorable to the buyer as well as the business. You will learn how to build value and understand how to have a business conversation around that value. We will explain what questions to ask to unseat a current vendor/competitor, how to position value, what the six common negotiation strategies are, and how to avoid discounting.

Problems This Course Solves:

  1. Acquiescing to client demands
  2. Lack of confidence in what to say and when
  3. Little understanding on best practice negotiation tactics
  4. Discounting services to quickly
  5. Loss of margins and profitability when not necessary
  6. Reduces the desire to improvise on the spot
  7. Improve overall confidence

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the six common negotiation strategies.
  • You will gain insight into how to create a win-win outcome.
  • You will learn how to get a buyer to easily share concerns they have with their current vendor.
  • You will discover how to create a position of power when asked for a discount.
  • Attendees will understand the buyers/sellers perspective and how to position your proposal to win.
  • You will gain insight into the difference between handling a sales objection and negotiating.

Business owners today are sacrificing profits due to an inability to effectively negotiate. Salespeople anticipating conflict immediately discount services in order to win the business. What the salesperson doesn’t understand is that the buyer has certain needs and if removed, a discount isn’t necessary.

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"We brought Stepp in to do a leadership training with our entire management team for a six month period. The topics and strategies that Stepp brings to the table are second to none. Our leadership team took away valuable skills and traits that will have a lasting effect on our organization and will be taught to our entire sales team. Additionally, his strategy of overcoming objections has been implemented into our sales process and increased our sales presentations drastically."

Joseph Kozel, ASAP Roofing


“In 2012 when I was presented an opportunity to crossover into medical supply/equipment sales role, I began searching for a sales training course that would help ensure my success in this new role. I reached out to Stepp for his advice and he told me about course he already had designed entitled “2Meeting Close which is part of the Sales Meeting Mastery Course” that could provide critical key foundational elements for sales persons. It included information about prospecting, time management, conducting sales meetings, buyer styles, smart negotiation, as well as many other important items. Because I was committed to succeeding in this new role, I invested money out of my own pocket to begin this coursework immediately on my own time and it didn’t take very long to start seeing results. When I was hired for the role, they told me that no one in the 36-year history of the company had ever made quota in that territory. They also told me to expect it to take me at least 2 – 3 years to begin making the territory profitable.”

Marty Partida, Medical Sales Account Represenative

“Stepp’s hard-earned expertise is so simple yet so profound. Practice the art of countering objections, and a year from today everything ‘sales’ will change in your organization!”

Pamela Walters, executive vice president, the Devine Group, Inc.


Stepp has been a friend and a business partner for several years. Initially, Stepp did sales training for our Sales Professionals and Sales Managers at Cox. We achieved positive results and this lead to our further developing work with Sales Professional and Sales Manager profiling using DISC Tool and Devine Inventory Tools. We continue to use the tools and I know that we have saved money by being able to focus on development based upon the individual’s personal responses to questions within the tools. This has helped us put the "right people" in the "right seats" (hunting, farming, account management, consultative selling, major account management, etc.) on "The Sales Bus" We continue to work with Stepp and because we are getting substantially better productivity as a business partner.

Randy Chandler, VP Cox Communications


"I recently attended Stepp's "2 Meeting Close" seminar and was extremely Wowed with his presentation on how to sell and close deals. Stepp understands how difficult the selling process can be, however, he showed how truly easy closing deals can be."

Max Anderson, CEO, Flooring & Interiors Tyler



"Stepp Sydnor consults and trains sales managers how to hire and manage the best salespeople. I have worked with Stepp both as a client and as a consultant and would highly recommend him. He is knowledgeable in this field, his training and principles provide clarity and direction which has helped focus our time on the right things. I can say that Stepp's training and coaching does indeed get the turnaround and revenue increase, for which you paying for.”

Darryl Drenon, Regional Manager Cisco Systems


“In following Stepp’s 3Cs approach, we effectively addressed our workplace communication and sales problems...improved revenues from 10 million to 40 million. We indeed had a turnaround, thanks to his concise and doable tips for improved interaction.” 

Gulam Harji, Plant Manager, Hood Packaging, Tyler, TX


“Stepp’s top-producer approach helped us become the number one store out of 455 Sam’s Club stores nationwide!”

George Cunningham, Sam’s Club, Tyler, TX



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